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Grind My Stump offers the professional removal and grinding of tree stumps for domestic gardens as well as commercial properties in Surrey. We are fully equipped to remove tree stumps from all types of land: from big estates to golf courses, and even housing developments.

Our Surrey stump grinding team will swiftly and safely remove your tree stumps. Guaranteed no damage to your garden, minimum environmental impact.

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Surrey Stump Grinding Services

Tree stump removal: what is involved?

When it comes to clearing out an unsightly stump from your Surrey property, two methods exist – grinding or removal. Both will clear away an unsightly stump so you can replant or use its space for something else – but what exactly are their methods involved in?

Stump grinding Surrey

Stump grinding is one of two popular approaches to tree stump removal, consisting of using a special machine to grind away at it until its level with the ground. This method tends to be less expensive and faster than stump removal.

Stump removal Surrey

In contrast, stump removal involves physically unearthing and extracting the entire tree stump and root system from its location. Although this can be more of a complex and time-consuming process than tree stump grinding, sometimes its necessary for larger or difficult to access tree stumps to be properly addressed.

Tree Stump Removal Surrey

The benefits: What are the benefits of our Surrey stump grinding services?

An unsightly tree stump in your garden or grounds can be an eyesore that interferes with its use – however there may actually be benefits associated with grinding one! Here are just a few advantages of using our Surrey stump grinding service:

  1. Improved Aesthetics: Let’s be honest – stumps aren’t exactly attractive, and by grinding the stump down you can improve the aesthetics of your Surrey garden significantly.
  2. Reduced Safety Hazard: Stumps can pose a tripping hazard in areas with high foot traffic. By employing our Surrey stump grinding service to remove it, you can help lessen the chance of accidents occurring in those locations.
  3. Increased Property Value: When selling your home in Surrey, having an impressive garden will definitely increase its value.
  4. Free up space: Removing tree stumps can free up precious space that can be put to better use elsewhere in your garden or home.
Stump Removal Surrey

The cost: how much is Surrey stump grinding?

The cost of stump grinding varies depending on the size and type of tree stump being removed. On average, small stumps cost between £100 to £200 to remove while larger stumps tend to cost between £400 to £600 for removal.

Our Surrey stump grinding service offers an efficient means of eliminating tree stumps. Our professionals possess all of the equipment and expertise required for this task, while messy removal processes may take more time, the final outcome will result in a safer garden space.

Surrey Stump Grinding Services

Who we help with our Surrey stump grinding service

Our Surrey tree stump grinding service offers a variety of services to different types of customers. From residential properties to large estates and golf courses, we are equipped and experienced to handle all types of tree stump grinding.

Residential Properties: Homeowners often run into a common problem with their trees: an unsightly stump left behind after a tree has been removed. Our Surrey stump grinding service is a safe and efficient way to get rid of those stumps without damaging the surrounding landscape. Our experts can quickly grind the stump so that it is no longer visible, leaving your garden looking neat and tidy.

Large Estates: Some large estates may require large stumps to be removed for safety reasons, or simply for aesthetic reasons. Regardless of the size, our specialists have the capability to remove the stump quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape. Our team od Surrey stump grinding experts are experienced so we can help plan the removal in a way that is less intrusive and removes the stump without damaging the existing landscape.

Golf Courses: Golf courses often need tree stumps removed in order to provide a level and playable surface. Our specialists can handle any size of stump that needs to be removed, and we are able to do so in an effective and efficient manner. We take care to minimize disruption of the surrounding landscape, and can grind and remove large stumps in just a few hours.

Building Developers: For building developers, the need to remove stumps may be due to the need to make way for new developments. Our Surrey stump grinding service can clear sites. We are also able to work with construction companies to make sure the project goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are few of the most frequently asked questions we get asked about our Surrey stump grinding and stump removal services.

What is the cost of stump grinding?

The cost of stump grinding will depend on both its size and type, with small stumps typically costing between £100-£200; medium-sized stumps cost between £200 and £400; while larger trees average £400 to £600.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of removing tree stumps by mechanically grinding away the wood and roots until the stump is decreased to a fine wood chip consistency.

What are the advantages of stump grinding?

Stump grinding offers numerous advantages over other removal methods. Stump grinding is more efficient than manual removal, which involves digging out an entire stump from the ground; professional stump grinders simply grind down to soil level instead. Furthermore, stump grinding causes less disruption to lawns, gardens, and landscaping features than removal would. Furthermore, there’s no worry over transporting large stumps or potential damages caused by roots to underground utility lines and structures with stump grinding.

How long will it take to grind a stump?

Depending on its size and location, the process for removal of one tree stump could last anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours.

How deep do you need to grind a stump?

Typically, stumps are ground four to six inches below the ground level. Deeper grinding can be requested; however, this may result in higher cost associated with the service.

How does stump grinding work?

A stump grinder is a machine with a durable steel cutting wheel that is designed to fit over the stump and slowly grind the wood away. The wheel spins at an extremely high speed to rapidly cut through the wood, roots, and dirt to remove the stump.

Is stump grinding cheaper than removal?

Stump grinding generally takes less time than removing the stump completely and is less expensive. Stump grinding is also less destructive than removal because it does not leave a big hole in the ground or disturb the surrounding soil.

Does stump grinding get rid of roots?

Grinding is an efficient and non-invasive way of eliminating stumps without removing their underground roots. As the stump is ground away, its roots will eventually die and decay into part of the soil itself, becoming part of its ecosystem.

Does stump grinding damage the surrounding soil?

No damage is caused to the surrounding soil by stump grinding as equipment designed to grind down stumps evenly without negatively affecting their environment.

Can you grind a stump yourself?

You can grind the stump yourself but you will need to hire special machinery and understand how to operate it. It also is a potentially dangerous process and if done incorrectly can damage the surrounding garden, that is why it is best to let pros do this type of work.

You can read more about DIY tree stump grinding on our blog post here: Can I grind my own tree stump?

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