Can I grind my own tree stump?

Can I grind my own tree stump

If you’re wondering whether you can grind a tree stump yourself, the answer is maybe. It depends on the size of the stump and how much equipment you’re willing to rent or buy.

If the stump is small enough, you might be able to do it with a handheld grinder. You can rent these from most UK tool hire stores (see below for a list of stump grinder hire services). But be warned: grinding a stump is hard work. You’ll need to keep the grinder moving so you don’t overheat the blade, and be extra careful not to damage your lawn or landscaping.

For larger stumps, you’ll need a heavier-duty grinder. These are also available for rental. Again, expect it to be tough going. You may need someone to help you lift and maneuver the grinder. And you’ll definitely want to avoid any underground utility lines.

Below is a video that shows you what is involved in grinding a tree stump yourself. If it does not look like something you want to tackle yourself because of the effort, danger and cost of hiring the equipment, just fill out our FREE estimate form and we will get right back to you with a competitive quote.

An alternative solution to tree stump grinding is trying to burn out your stump, we have written a guide on how to do this if you want to give it a go yourself: How to burn out a tree stump.

Here are a few hire firms you can rent a tree stump grinder from: